International collections

Design är nyckeln

DesignHouse95 is a global brand that has been supplying retailers worldwide over the years.

Our in-house design studio is based in England, with offices in Sweden and Hong Kong. Production takes place in our own factory in Dongguan, China.

Our core values are Creativity, Design, Innovation and Sustainability.

We offer a bespoke design service globally, understanding the worldwide market.

We pride ourselves on being both forward thinking and commercial at all times.


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We create bespoke ranges for international customers

Vi har något för alla vardagliga och säsongsbetonade tillfällen

We supply a wide range of designs to make any and every party occasion special.

  • Valentine's Day
  • Easter
  • birthday
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • engagement party
  • baby shower
  • anniversary
  • baptism day
  • bachelorette party
  • garden party

We supply to major retailers worldwide

"Vi förstår den globala marknaden och kan designa för alla"


In our world, there is always something to celebrate and we want to do it with desire and playfulness. Our collections make it easy to browse through different themes and find everything for every occasion and party. We also offer companies the opportunity to design their own products.

Sustainable products

We don't just focus on festivities. DesignHouse95 works for both environmentally friendly and plastic-free parties.


Fast deliveries

We offer fast deliveries from our warehouse in Sweden.