About us

With courage and a sense of design, anything is possible

DesignHouse95 is an innovative supplier of party supplies in Europe. Our focus is that the consumer should have access to good and durable products that contribute to making the party more attractive and fun. By working in a small but dynamic organization while being in the middle of a network of talented product developers, competitive factories and established sales channels, we have the courage and strength to work long-term with maintained creativity.

DesignHouse95 was born from the idea of offering good products with a focus on creativity and sustainability. By creating products with good design, form, packaging and with several themed collections, we have the opportunity to make an impression on the market.

We work with designers in Europe and China and constantly develop new products together with our developers in Sweden. Thanks to our own production facilities in China, we can be flexible and maintain high quality. Our quality team controls the entire process from raw material to delivery of the finished product. Every production is tested and checked based on European standards to ensure that the quality lasts.